The Woof Club

The Big Bad Woof is pleased to offer a number of Frequent Buyer and Loyalty Programs both in-store and on-line. We are expanding these programs on a regular basis so please check in and ask about them. We also keep track of your frequent buyer purchases in-house through our Point-of-Sale system, so you don’t have to worry about tracking your purchases!

For delivery customers – we will track your loyalty programs just as if you came into the store, and you are automatically signed up to the Woof Club with your first delivery! That is something the on-line retailers can’t offer, on top of great Customer Service!

The Woof Club:

Our in-store Loyalty Program affectionately known as the “Woof Club” by regulars. First off, there’s no physical card — simply enroll using your phone number and email address. What do you get for enrolling?

  • Four hundred (400) points earns a $5.00 Woof Reward Gift Card you can use on your next visit on-line or in-store.
  • Our monthly newsletter with tips on being green, healthy living, special promotions, upcoming events and new products.
  • Access to a number of products in our inventory that have a frequent buyer program attached by the manufacturer. To check if your brand has a frequent buyer program please visit our main website.

You’ll also get all kinds of special offers on a regular basis!